Putting the trust in solar power

The benefits of solar have never been bigger. You just need a supplier who’s got your back.

In just three short years since he established his specialist solar power and battery storage company Neo Energy, Danny Keo and his team have built an impressive project portfolio and raised eyebrows across the industry with market-leading innovation, dedication to their craft and commitment to delivering top shelf service. But the thing that makes Danny most proud is not accomplishments or accolades; it’s the trust his customers give him.

“It’s a really special thing,” explains Danny with a smile. “Even though after only three years in operation we’re still a relatively new presence in the solar energy market, the way we do things has resonated with our customers in a big way. Once they see our approach to service and realise our business model is all about being here to help them, they feel genuinely reassured by our advice and trust our recommendations. They tell us what the sales rep said to them, and ask us what we think. Being honoured with that level of trust means the world to all of us.”

As a designer and installer of solar energy and battery storage solutions, Neo Energy is in an incredibly competitive market, bursting at the seams with operators of all sizes promising what sounds to most customers like very similar things. So, what do Danny and team do differently to set them apart in such a profound way after such a short period of time?

“I think everything stems from the simple fact we love what we do. I’m a long-time electrician who developed a deep passion for solar, then started my own company where I only hire like-minded professionals who take huge pride in their work. It doesn’t matter if we’re working with homeowners, small business or big corporates, we’re not sales driven chasing targets and we have no affiliation with any solar or battery manufacturer. All we care about is designing and installing the best possible solution with the best service in town, and I think our customers see that clearly.

“We also go above and beyond when it comes to training and nurturing our technicians. Everyone is employed on the books, my first rule is no subbies or contractors, and we all undergo a continual training schedule that extends way passed what’s mandatory. We use Australia’s two leading ISO accredited training organisations to ensure continual safety best practice, and we all do the optional manufacturer training courses to ensure we’re experts on the full potential of new equipment as it comes to market. All this translates to exceptional peace of mind and big added value for our customers, which is reflected in the repeat business and referrals they give us.”


Solar power to the people

There’s no doubt the future in solar energy and battery storage looks bright for Neo Energy – among many exciting projects on the horizon is a huge utility development – but Danny is excited much more by what’s in store for his customers.

“We’re in the first innings of an energy transition,” Danny explains, “and most people don’t realise the extent of the benefits they will realise, or how much influence they will have, in the energy landscape of the future if they get properly set-up with solar. It’s not just about clean energy and saving money, ‘behind the metre’ technology is about to boom and bring with it a whole host of capability, convenience and financial potential to households.

“From producing, storing, managing and discharging your own energy, to joining a Virtual Power Plant through which you can sell energy back into the grid, the future for solar users is incredibly exciting and empowering. Even your own EV is basically a battery on wheels from which you can discharge your own power for profit. 

“Modern solar means a massive power shift in favour of everyday consumers, and we’re on a mission to spread the word, offering our help to anyone who wants to make sure they don’t miss out.”

From humble beginnings as an electrician, to founding director of a progressive, community focussed team of solar energy specialists determined to put power back in the hands of their customers. Does Danny ever reflect on what he’s achieved on this journey?

“Oh, everyone’s trying to make the world a better place in their own little way,” he says with another smile. 

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